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Service Overview

UI / UX Design

We specialize in delivering top-notch design-centric user interface and user experience Design services globally. Our team constitutes of experienced UI/UX designers, researchers, and design engineers focused on the application of proven approaches to the design, prototyping, product validation and offering of UI design services to create applications that your users will enjoy. Othware offers UI/UX and graphic design for products built from scratch as well as improvements to existing digital products. Trust us to deliver intuitive, engaging, and aesthetic experience to the end-users of your application.

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Complete Suite of UI / UX Solutions

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    Product design

    We design powerful digital products with your users in mind. We work as part of your product team from an idea to the release

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    UX research

    We collect valuable user research insights to help you make data-driven and impactful business decisions

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    UX consulting

    We raise your company’s UX maturity by helping you to set the right processes and reshape your product’s strategy.

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    UX training

    We hold customized training to help your teams develop a user- centric mindset and incorporate design thinking into your work.

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    Wireframing and Prototyping

    Mockups, prototypes (HTML or using InVision), animations, wireframes, and videos that all help to quickly visualize complicated ideas

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    Data Driven Design

    We collect analytical data about your application and help you define application performance metrics, set up suitable analytics tools, collect data and adjust user flows


UI & UX Consulting

  • UX Audit

    Our design consultants review main user flows in your existing solutions and mars the usability issues to consider in the order of their severity

  • Ideation and Prototyping

    Othware design experts conduct online and on-site workshops that help you as a stakeholder to ideate the future application, or improve an existing one

  • Usability Testing

    We identify existing and potential usability problems in your system and collect both qualitative and quantitative data about users’ satisfaction

  • Accessibility Audit

    Audit solutions for compliance with accessibility standards and produce reports with the roadmap for improvement in areas where the app is found lacking

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